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Natasha was born in Hammersmith maternity Hospital in 1977, and spent her early years at 111 Blenheim Gardens, Kingston on Thames.

She was a much photographed child as her parents owned a Bridal Boutique in Wimbledon and Natasha was always modeling bridesmaids dresses. Later her father used her as a prop (her fathers word) on holiday brochure photos (left in Ibiza).

When the family moved near to Pewsey in Wiltshire, the photography continued as her father liked to record his daughters formally every year. This meant dressing up and disappearing to locations like the bluebell woods (right) and contrived situations in antique lighting (below)

In 1989 she went to teacher training college at Oxford Polytechnic where she achieved ????

Her first post as a teacher was at the  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx School in Chelsea which she loved and quickly became Head of English in 19?? 

Life changed again dramatically when she met and married Richard Atherton in Milton Lilbourne Church, Wiltshire.(Right)  

They lived variously in Chelsea, Gloucester Road, and Kent where Natasha had Kitty on 13 June 1993. (below)

The couple live in Hampshire and are busy renovating a large house and garden, with a rural lifestyle including Cedric (right) and a newly arrived cat. Natasha will finish the house and then consider her options. Watch this space! 

These were happy days for her but then things went wrong. In 1980 she went to Wycombe Abbey as a boarder and hated it and in 1984 her parents broke up. This latter event proved very traumatic. 











Notes written in 2008 per her Father Jeremy

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